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Give yourself the best chance for success with Twin Tales Publishing Services. With an entire team of professionals ready to take your book to the next level, now is the right time for your next step.  

Take your book to the next level with a complete editing package, tailored to suit your needs. Copy, Line, Evaluation, Content, or Developmental. 

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For when you need an extra set of eyes to take a peek at your precious work, proofreading is the best way to get your final tick of approval. 

Whether for eBook, paperbacks, or hardcovers, proper formatting isn't a want, but a necessary requirement to ensure readers have the best possible experience while reading your book.

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Who said reviews don't matter? Much like book covers, reviews provide the social proof your book needs to succeed. Gain valuable reviews for your book from professional genre-specific book critics.  

Don't judge a book by its cover. And yet potential readers do, making this one of your most important choices when it comes to your book. We have the right artists to work with you, providing the most genre-specific and up-to-date designs available.

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Your blurb is the second most important feature your readers uses to decide whether your book is right for them. With our highly-experienced team of writers, ensure your blurb provides the ultimate introduction to your book.

Get the perfect design for your website, with this all-inclusive package that's the perfect home for your author.

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Add an extra dimension to your hard work with the fastest growing book form in the world. With an abundance of genre-specific narrators on standby, bring your words to life like never before.

Need someone to write your book, article, content? Twin Tales Publishing provides quality writing services, from award-winning authors, to expert content creators.

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Fancy adding some real Hollywood flavors into your marketing? Imagine how much excitement a book trailer will generate for your book.

Gain a complete insight into your author platform with a complete evaluation of your book cover, blurb, opening chapter, website and more.

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