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Welcome to the Twin Tales Audio Portal

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With audio books fast becoming one of the hottest new book trends around, isn't it time you took the next step and joined the revolution?

With a talent pool this big, why go anywhere else?

A team of more than 300 professional narrators anxiously await to bring your characters to life with some of the most incredible voices in the industry. Come and experience the Twin Tales difference, with experienced audio professionals leading the way and showing a clean and easy step-by-step process on how to bring your book into the vast world of audio books. And with our $0 upfront royalty share packages, it has never been more affordable to take the exciting next step in your author career.

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Royalty Share Production

We take care of the entire production process with zero upfront cost to you.  While we produce your project, sit back knowing your book is in capable hands and once the royalties start piling up, you receive your share along with the narrator.  To ensure your story really does meet your expectations, we provide you with vetted auditions to choose from and when the narrator accepts, we take care of the entire production.   From audtions, to production, and right through to distribution, Twin Tales is here to help.

Ready to Meet Some of Our Talent?

With such a vast pool of talent to choose from, Twin Tales is the right place to start meeting the stars of your story. Click here to check out some of our incredible narrators and set the wheels of production into motion. 

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