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New Release

Twin Tales is proud to share the latest releases from our hardworking authors. 

The Trouble with Marty

DC Chase The Trouble with Marty Ebook Cover.jpg


            Say hello to the dashing and otherwise charming estate attorney named Marty Wheeler. Attorney Wheeler is a prominent member of the community of Brentwood, whose life is about to turn upside down when he takes on his most baffling client to date, the very rich, yet, quite mysterious and aloof Jameson Bradford.


            Helping Marty navigate through the murky waters of his law practice is his summer intern, the highly strung and very sarcastic young lady, Bailey Martin. The attractive and quirky strawberry blonde is a soon-to-be college Senior at Duquesne University studying pre-law. She also happens to be the daughter of Marty’s ex-girlfriend, Vanessa. As such, the young Miss Martin soon proves to be quite an equalizer for Marty, who manages to keep the otherwise cocksure attorney from getting too comfortable with himself.


            How about all three? In creating this novel, first-time author Dc Chase creates a genre called Sexspense. As the merged name implies, this novel features both elements, along with many Fletch-like comical moments, to keep the reader laughing as the sexual tension and suspense build to a surprising climax. The Trouble with Marty is the first in the Hot to Trot series, one guaranteed to be a series you’ll keep high on your reading list long after turning the final page.

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