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Author Tools

The Indie Author mountain is a tough climb, one the team at Twin Tales Publishing have taken personally. Along the way, we found some amazing tools to help us on the journey and we hope you find them just as amazing.

Check out some of the most popular writing tools used by authors across the world. 

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Professional editing may be financially out of reach, which is why finding the best editing tools is your next best option. 

It's time to put all your hard work together and package it up ready for the final delivery into your reader's hands.

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Many platforms exist to help you sell your book to hungry readers. Here we have the most popular choices, with direct links for you to try out.

Being an Indie means wearing numerous hats, including the all important design hat. This is where you find the best tools with which to design your marketing ads, book covers, and more.

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With your subscriber list being one of your most valuable assets, here are the perfect tools for growing your list, as well as sending your newsletters.

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