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Take your book to the next level with a complete editing package, tailored to suit your needs. Copy, Line, Developmental editing, or begin with an overall assessment. Choose one...choose all. The choice is up to you.

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Contact us today for a complete evaluation of your manuscript, or choose your own editing needs. Twin Tales Publishing doesn't take your manuscript and begin chopping and changing your hard work. This is about you and your vision, which is why our editors work WITH you, to ensure every part of the process is shared, explained, and understood. Contact us today to learn about the Twin Tales Difference.

Manuscript Assessment...from $0.03 per word

Gain a complete understanding of your manuscript's strengths, weakness, and overall structure, to ensure things like plot, style, and pacing, all work seamlessly together. This is a great way to better understand which editing needs to seek further along.

Developmental Editing...from $0.04 per word

Work with our professional editors to build up your structure, form, characters, and plot, to ensure your book meets with the highest possible expectations from your all-important readers.

Copy Editing...from $0.03 per word

Working through grammar, prose, and consistency, this editing package is perfect for authors looking to fine tune their manuscript.

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