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Our Authors' Audio Books

Check out some of the exciting work from our authors and narrators now available through various notable platforms. 

Ghost Lady

Riddle This Clara COVER.jpg

Winner of the 2022 Twin Tales Publishing Best New Horror Award!

Clara moves into a Victorian manor with her newly blended family and begins receiving mysterious riddles on an antique typewriter. Can she find the truth behind these messages before it is too late?

If you love ghostly tales, this novella is for you.

Clara has been given a second chance at life after the loss of her husband. She is engaged to the father of her child, and with their union she will also gain a stepson. Things appear to be looking up for their family until she receives intriguing messages on a typewriter that belonged to her fiance’s late-wife. At first, the notes appear to be innocent, until things go very, very wrong.

Read along through this horrifying tale to find out what happens to Clara and her family!

Solomon Petchers

Winner of Twin Tales Publishing award

Despite his enormous size, 12-year-old Cullen endured constant bullying for much of his life.

When a school trip to Wilderness Camp lands him in Saint Mary's Psychiatric Hospital, he finds himself trapped inside his mindroom where the walls are alive and torment him with memories from his painful past.

It's only with the help of a controversial therapy delivered through Jakob, a virtual reality headset, that he is able to return to his mother.

Cullen's attempt at a new life is upended when a video from Wilderness Camp emerges setting off a chain of unsettling events that Cullen may never recover from.

Does he have the strength to stand up to his past? Or, will he be forced to resort to more drastic measures that may cost him is life?

Helena Rosie

Love Never After by Helena Rosie

It's not the happily ever after she expected.

Meeting the love of her life in a McDonald's Drive-Thru wasn't how Millie ever imagined it, and yet there he was. The whirlwind romance should have been the start of the rest of their lives, the eventual wedding the stepping stone to their new life in New York City. And yet for Marcus and Millie, fate had other ideas.

In one split second, her life comes crashing down when Marcus is taken in a tragic accident, leaving Millie the heir to one of the most successful companies in the city. Living atop a building she now owns, the heartbreak soon takes its toll, with the young widow refusing to leave the safety of the apartment. Months turn into years, Millie's grief keeping her isolated, until one fateful moment brings her back to reality...


Has fate given her the chance to save the love of her life?
Millie finds herself on a quest to find the elusive diary of a man long thought dead. But what she finds aren’t the answers she expected, instead discovering a man with no earthly right living in the 21st century. 

Edward has a tale of love to share: of a woman once dubbed the Angel of New York City, in a place lost to time itself. It’s no ordinary story, one filled with too many similarities to Millie’s own to be a coincidence.

As Edward’s tale unfolds, Millie begins to realize that the answers she’s been seeking may have been sitting in her apartment all along. An artifact gifted to her by Marcus, one she’d used herself to help the people of the city, could just be the final piece in the puzzle of Marcus’s existence. Will she unravel the secrets in time to finally save the love of her life, or will a cursed artifact fulfill its own purpose to claim another soul?

Simon King

A quick glimpse behind the walls.

From the author of the Prison Days series comes the next chapter of life behind bars. These are the personal stories of prisoners as they negotiate day-to-day life behind the walls of a maximum-security facility. Listen to their tales as they try and fit in, adjust, and survive one of the toughest places on earth.


Some secrets are meant for keeping. Even if it means murder.
With the tragic passing of her mother, Grace is sent to a father she thought dead, relocating from the bustling streets of inner Melbourne, to an island home she doesn’t remember. When she answers the call for help from a sign in a store window, Grace thinks she’s found the perfect job. But behind the smile of a welcoming town, sits a community bathed in lies and deceit and it’s not long before this new arrival is caught in the middle of a deadly mystery.

After finding a hidden diary linked to a thirty-year old disappearance, Grace makes a shocking discovery, a terrifying secret the town has been desperate to protect. As the bodies continue to fall, the diary opens her eyes to the heartbreaking truth, a revelation which could crumble the town’s very foundation. Secrets are for keeping and some will go to any lengths to defend them, including murder. Will Grace prove her innocence, or will the island protect its secret and silence her forever?

"Chilling! Knock your socks off frightening!"

One kid’s horrific journey behind the walls of maximum-security and the price he paid for being in the wrong place at the wrong time. Survival is just the beginning.

Dylan's eighteen, scared, and sent to maximum-security. The crime? Passed out drunk in the backseat of a car after his 18th birthday celebration.
If he doesn’t fight, he dies. If he doesn’t run drugs, he dies. The Jesters have murdered his brother, recruited his cellmate, and this is now home.
Welcome to MAX. There is no escape.

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